earth observation for geoinformation

Aerodata Australia has been established in mid 2010 to respond to the growing demand for updated aerial imagery and geospatial data over large areas in the Australian region.
The branch benefits of the experience and resources of one of the largest aerial survey groups in the world.

Aerodata Australia can provide the following high quality services and products for numerous applications using cost-effective solutions:

Specialised in airborne spatial data acquisition with an array of sensors, Aerodata offers the basis for geoinformation services & products.

A wide range of mapping services, like photo-grammetric mapping and laser, hyperspectral-
and thermal scanning ensure fit-for-purpose
geo-information solutions, services and products.
Photo-realistic 3D city modelling, change detection and BAG mapping, stereo viewing solutions are just a few value adding products and services Aerodata offers for use in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
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